• 15 oktober 2003: Race segregation af romabørn i Danmark står opført i OSCE-rapport udarbejdet af International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights (OSCE er en forkortelse af Organisation for Sikkerhed og Samarbejde i Europa).
    Fra rapporten:
    "In many countries of the OSCE region, Romani children are schooled in racially segregated school facilities or arrangements, including schools or classes for the mentally disabled, schools or classes separated explicitly on grounds of race or ethnicity, special arrangements whereby Romani children are excused from regular school attendance and/or schools which are segregated as a result of their location in a ghetto or similarly excluded Romani settlement. Such schooling arrangements are invariably substandard, and deprive both Roma and non-Roma of the benefits of schooling in a multi-cultural environment. Racial segregation in schooling effectively ensures the continuing exclusion of Roma from enjoying a range of fundamental human rights above and beyond the right to education. Countries with racially segregated educational arrangements for Roma include Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia and Slovenia, among others:
    In Denmark, a complaint was filed in December 2002 against the placement of thirty Romani pupils into three segregated Romani classes in the Municipality of Helsingør, eastern Denmark. According to the complaint, Romani students were placed in the segregated classes without any pedagogical-psychological assessment. The complaint alleges that the definition of the Romani classes as neither normal classes nor special classes for children with special needs, but as classes for Romani children, based solely on their ethnicity, precludes children in these classes from the benefits offered to these various categories of classes. The result of this practice is the denial of equal educational opportunities for Romani children in Denmark. In July 2003, the Local State Council which is handling the complaint submitted the information to the Ministry of Education asking for clarifications. No response had reportedly been received as of August 2003."
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